It’s a though balance these days, between staying true to yourself and standing out in an ultra-violent crowd.Those who want to express themselves in a subtle way, are often forgotten. Something that’s more difficult than it might seem, in a fashion scenery where color is often undervalued for men. For this reason, we set out to create a lively yet underated style, unrivalled in terms of quality.

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SS23 – Earth Day Capsule

Earth day capsule As of this year we’ve decided to launch a very limited ‘unisex’ earth day inspired tee to highlight our brand’s focus on the planet. So as with the…

SS23 – Joining the eclectic club in a postmodern world

Joining the eclectic club in a postmodern world Spring/Summer ’23 is all about the sparkling and carefree spirit of eclecticism. Transforming a wide range of styles into a graceful ensemble. With…

AW22 – Get-together Friday

Get-together Friday As some of you might know we’re not really into sales without a meaningful reason (such as stock liquidation or end of season sales). As a small and…

Work? Money? Or maybe time? There are so many things that we forgot about. We just pace along with society and tend to forget ourselves and the people around us. Shouldn’t we try to connect more with others again? Go out, be open talking to strangers, meeting new friends and enjoying the time with the people important to us.

Film & editing: @jeremivh_
Styling: @veronicaruggeri_
Models: @billieinbrussels & @elias_bouremah
MUA: @sophie.engelen

@castartofficial & @oursisterofficial

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