our story

It’s a though balance these days, between staying true to yourself and standing out in an ultra-violent crowd. Those who want to express themselves in a subtle way, are often forgotten. Something that’s more difficult than it might seem, in a fashion scenery where color is often undervalued for men. For this reason we set out to create a lively yet underrated style, unrivaled in terms of quality.

Since launching our first collection in 2018, we’ve always done things differently. Our materials are sourced from ethically responsible suppliers around the world. We work closely with manufacturers to constantly develop new, environmentally friendly production techniques. Despite our global outlook, we remain focused on crafting garments suited to individual tastes which give our clothing its timeless and distinguished charm.

We’ve taken our inspiration for the Castart brand and our collections from a range of creative endeavors. For instance, the vivacious colors in the paintings of Mark Rothko are the primary inspiration behind our brand. Similarly, each of our collection was inspired by the Bauhaus artistic movement which set out to unify the principles of aesthetics with those of practicality. 

W’ere not restricted by artistic disciplines such as painting, architecture or music, and we don’t think our clothing should be either – after all, art comes in a multitude of different forms. The definitive creative thread that runs through each of our collections is one of an artistic journey which allows you to tell your story through fashion. That’s also why we’re named ‘Castart’, French for ‘cheeky man’. Because the cheeky man doesn’t tell the stories to others, he writes the stories himself.

The house of Castart opened in Antwerp following a concerted effort by the community to reduce the number of unoccupied houses in the city. This beautiful old townhouse has been carefully renovated to include a men’s clothing shop on the ground floor, a showroom on the first floor and our creative nucleus on the top floor. We’re so proud to call it our home and we look forward to giving you a warm welcome whenever you visit us!