Meet Humans of Castart #1 Phuc Van Dang, a Vietnamese refugee living in Denmark for almost 40 years now. During his childhood he has followed an atypical route that lead to him become an artist who inspires people with his original art pieces.

Influenced by nature, people, music and everyday experiences, Phuc has developed his own style, focusing on storytelling and communicating his art through fables and an abstract style, painting only with black lines.

In the philosophy of how all crafted products should be, feeling is the starting point of each of his creations. Phuc has learnt that you can only spread the love of your work by loving it yourself. From there, he thinks about storytelling, concept and form to connect with his audience. A match made in heaven if we speak for ourselves.

He identifies himself as a Human of Castart by the simplicity of the designs that matches his artistic style. He loves the simplicity in the design of our brand which combines with a strong expression through graphic color elements. We are sure that our Light Grey Travis with rich materials will definitely keep him warm during the cold Scandinavian winter days.

Humans of Castart - Danish Artist
Humans of Castart - Danish Artist

His dream for the future is to collaborate more between artists, designers and manufacturers towards the goal of developing innovative products. Castart shares this same vision.

Are you as inspired as we are about his art pieces & background? More info can be found on his Instagram or website.