Humans Of Castart - The Last Cup

Meet Humans of Castart #7

Nicolas Chaumery, a French barista who came up with an inventory side-car coffee shop named ‘The Last Cup’. We met Nicolas when serving coffee at the bi-annually Welcome Edition showroom in Paris. Next to his coffee skills we were blown away by his genius side-car concept and edgy branding.

Nicolas started his hospitality career in 2006 as an opportunity to work while travelling the world. During his worldwide tour he got in touch with many inspiring and passionate people that later would all have a small contribution to his big dream of opening his own coffee shop. A few years of diverse workplaces went by before he figured out what exactly it
would look like.

Humans of Castart - barista

As you know taking the big leap can only be successful when your idea truly connects with who you are as a person. Next to traveling and not being settled in one place for Nicolas it has been motorcycling and his keen interest in coffee. That’s when ‘The Last Cup’, his itinerant coffee shop came to life. The big advantage of itinerant is that you can still taste the feeling of freedom while building your own company. Thanks to his originality, honesty and quality of his products so far has driven thousands of miles through France (not talking about the number of coffees he has already served).

Humans Of Castart - The Last Cup

When talking about the future and sharing ideas we’ve asked Nicolas his opinion about the evolution of our society towards consumption. First of all he believes that the society is positively shifting into an eye for crafted products and a focus on less consumption but better quality. Secondly you drink with your eyes first! You cannot believe how much coffee has to offer visually with his different shade of brown depending on e.g. the bean, method & temperature so focusing on details is key. It didn’t surprise us that he caught his eye on our Hornsea waffle knit with colored accents.

If you feel like you are in need of a nice coffee or inspired by his free way of living? Feel free to connect with The Last Cup via Instagram and follow his journey around France.