AW20 inspiration

In the present climate where technology makes us more alert, reasoned and rational than ever, wetry to look at things from a different perspective. The constant rush in which we operate makes us think about the core of things too little. We are often blinded by all sorts of secondary ultramodern aspects that we overlook the beauty of the base. Things that can be considered a source of inspiration in themselves, but are often lost in the hectic of the 21st century.

Reflecting back to the essentials brings us back to the 20th century. Expressionism. The movement of painting, literature and sculpture focuses on expressing feelings and thoughts. Pure and honest. One of the protagonists of expressionism is the French painter Henri Matisse. His eclectic and impulsive use of color proves that emotionally composed works appeal to the common public. The unusual style of the Russian Wassily Kandinsky runs in a similar line to that of Matisse. The way in which he combines colors, shapes and lines creates a form of abstraction. The combination of the rich use of color and the chaotic forms seem at first sight to be a mess of pulses. But a closer look offers a structured order in the chaos.

The vision of these artists in a memorable period
in art, expressionism, formed the basis for our new collection. What really appeals to us in both artists is their precision and craftsmanship, yet in a very unique version. The work they create does not start from a desire to satisfy everyone. They do what they feel intuitively and what they support. The vision behind Castart connects with this. We prefer to focus on sustainable quality for collectors instead of creating in function of a hype with overconsumption as a result. In order to create a certain finesse, a well-thought- out concept is required.