Knitwear quality guide

As winter is the most diverse season for natural knit qualities and temperatures are dropping, we felt it was the right moment to inform you about the different qualities we are using in our knits collection.

Shetland wool

The type of wool for true knitwear lovers during winter. Created for those who appreciate the slightly roughness of pure wool perfectly suited for all kinds of weather due to his thickness. A quality named after the short-tailed sheep of the Shetland Islands in the United Kingdom’s far northern latitudes. If you are looking for this kind of quality you should discover our Kotin, Kirchner, Abby and Kollwitz knit.


The Alpaca lives mainly on the South American continent. Due to its high altitude these animals therefore undergo great temperature changes to which their bodies have had to adapt which make it thermal insulating seven times greater than sheep wool. Alpacas are sheared only once a year, during the period most conducive to their well-being, i.e. during periods of great heat. Find a part of alpaca in our Bayer, Wassily, Kokoschka and Grosz knit model.

Merino wool

Much softer than regular wool, this quality is grown by Merino sheep that graze the highlands of Australia and New Zealand. It is well-known for bringing style, comfort and performance together in perfect harmony. Due to the fine fibers it’s both suitable for thin knits or as thick knits combined with other materials. Discover a percentage of merino wool in our thick model Bayer & Wassily and thin model Heckel.

Mohair wool

Mohair is a soft wool that comes from the hair of the Angora goat. Some call mohair the “diamond fiber,” as the wool is characterized by a distinct luster and sheen. The luscious fuzziness of mohair gives you knit that extra edgy texture. Find a part of mohair wool in our Bayer knit model.

All the above yarns are durable, biodegradable and with low environmental impact by traceable animals. As sustainability begins at the source, traceability is key to bringing transparency and aligning stakeholders to purue sustainable practices at every level of the supply chain.

The only advice now is to pick your favorite and brave the cold!

Let’s all fall in love with the happy winter days and the aging of your newest knitted piece.