Earth day capsule

As of this year we’ve decided to launch a very limited ‘unisex’ earth day inspired tee to highlight our brand’s focus on the planet. So as with the major part of our clothes, the tee is produced in Portugal of 100% durable cotton.

From the start we have always prioritized to work with ethical supplier and naturally sourced yarns & fabrics.
Those running a fashion business nowadays shouldn’t brainstrom about whether they are responsible but how to keep on doing better each and every day.

We will never assume we’re a full sustainable brand. The fashion industry accounts 5% to 10% of the total greenhouse gas emissions which is enormous.
For us it’s about doing way better that the big fast fashion brands and to further evolve with new responsible trends in the future to one day become best of class.

Slow but steadily we do small shifts to reduce the impact on the planet. It’s something we strive to become even more transparent in as we are now.
Discover more in our responsibility page where we highlight our brand’s four key pillars.