Castart (established in 2018) in Flemish means a playful person who remains true to himself. This key idea is conveyed through adding extra colour accents to men’s wardrobe in a subtle yet powerful way, highlighting Castart’s vision.

We believe that you shouldn’t be wearing plain blue & grey all day if you can tweak it up with a soft colour twist.
An innovative twist which gives you the uniqueness to stand out in everything you do.

By using art as inspiration & focusing on specific fabrics, Castart merges craftsmanship with each step of the clothing process – from creation, to production, to presence in store.

Go explore the world, follow your own path, create memories with friends and family & most importantly,
let’s trigger the Castart in each & everybody – all day and all night!

Each season, a local creative cartoonist creates a new hangtag that relates to an item of our collection.
People wearing Castart should stand out – as does our clothing on the shelves. Keep an eye on our Instagram to be the first to see our next season’s cartoon.