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Life of an urban dancer Humans of castart

Meet Humans of Castart #3 Joffrey Anane, a passionate urban dancer whose mission is to pass on his experience to the next generation of talented dancers. If you don’t see him dancing in Belgium, he is travelling (or dancing) the world surrounded by open minded world citizens.

Belgium dance inspire collaboration castart

As former dancer of Let’s go urban, a foundation to stimulate young people to express their creative talent, he has learned that you should always stick to your values and stimulate them the best you can.

Life of an urban dancer Humans of castart

Inspiration for his urban dancing moves are mainly triggered by the world of physics together with the stimulus of what color does to his senses.

Belgium dance inspire collaboration castart

Joffrey is wearing one of our colorful terry fabric Noho polo’s. Definitely suitable to keep the dance vibes going with the relaxed fit.

Go follow him on Instagram if you are as impressed as we are about his way of living.

Meet Humans of Castart #6 Eser Gündüz, a Turkish visual artist crafted by senses, forms and shapes. All his colorful and patterned paintings are made through the mirror of his own humanity. Not surprisingly each piece has a unique story.

Eser starts working on an art piece by thinking of nature inspired elements mixed with architectural spaces. When there is a lack of inspiration he first outlines all elements going through his mind in order to find a balance between all of them. Music, modernism and retrofuturism stimulate his senses to make him feel most creative. His main goal is to create a very strong art piece that gives variety in our daily life and which expresses a strong voice by people with a similar mindset.

Eser Grunduz #6

In the future Eser believes that art & craftmanship will be the pillar to our sensitiveness and the importance of reuniting as a society. The evolution of the internet will make it possible to connect with art lovers and to coop together with related creative souls.

Dressing up is an extremely affective element in how he reconnects himself with his creativity. It stimulates all his human sentences to express how he feels and what he is thinking about. When working on his new creative art piece, Eser has been wearing our Bayer Dark Green knitwear. He has chosen this crafter piece by his magnet range between the past and the future and the balance between the soberness of ecru and the power of dark green.

Go follow Eser on his colorful and very well shaped Instagram if his mindset and creative souls triggers you as much as it did to us.